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Shriya Patil Shinde

"I see, I feel & I capture our world!"

Photographer Shriya Patil Shinde has a decade of experience capturing the special moments of people's lives. Shriya has worked as a photojournalist in news, portrait & fashion world in Mumbai. Her love of children, in particular babies, kids & teens, has resulted in her creating a portfolio of extraordinary.

She currently contributes her works for Fortune Magazine and has worked with India Today as a senior photographer. She has contributed her work with Getty Images, Hindustan Times Mint newspaper & has worked for 'The Times of India' publications – 'Mumbai Mirror' newspaper. Shriya has published her work with Press Trust of India (India's only news agency) and has also tested & written reviews on cameras for Better Photography magazine (one of the largest selling magazine of South Asia).

Photography was hobby for her when she was in school. In her late teens, Shriya began using a camera as a creative expression tool to communicate to others all that inspired her. The photographs resulting from that creative expression spawned a photojournalist. Shriya also has an active list of personal photographic projects. She has curiosity about different cultures and way of living. This is what drives her life and her work. Shriya has learned that, always watch and wait for that moment. She has recently won the Lakme fashion moment of the year award 2008 & also honorable mention award by Mumbai press club in 2004. Born artist, photographer and adventurer trekker, with a parental background in art and passion for traveling nurtured the talents of a youngest member of the family.

Shriya has to her credit exhibitions -2006- exhibition with inayaart along with 30 photographers from Asia, exhibition at ‘Jan fest’ 2006 moods of musicians,26/7 2006 Deluge –rain pictures exhibition along with other Mumbai photographers, Photography exhibition in the memory of Mandar Jayant Kakade at welcome expo 2008 in world trade centre,26/11 Photo Exhibition....'Bearing Witness' in thane in February 2009,26/11 Photo Exhibition....'Bearing Witness' in thane in march 2009,2010 Photo Exhibition on child labor in Mumbai at 10 places including dadar ,cst ,Jalgaon etc. In 2009-2010 Shriya was judge for photography contest at Tata Institute of Social Science – (TISS).

She enjoys trekking, & uses the trips to discover unexplored places of India, enthralling routes and the different customs.