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Click Journeys- explore, capture & create

Fun & Learn while you explore, capture & create“Click Journeys, simply clicking a photograph of a people, place or thing is not enough. Each image must be explored, captured & created with the intention of telling a story, which will inform, enthrall, and be instantly understandable to the reader.

Our goal is to personally give our expertise, and show them that they can learn how to make great photographs, improve their shooting skills in a short time, and light their creativity. We want to inspire them to see their world in a whole new and creative way, by stepping into and experiencing a unique photographic dimension."

By introducing the photography to its essence, and explaining how digital camera could best be taken advantage of. Photographer Shriya powerfully demonstrates that even the most advanced equipment is just a tool that will only work with sound knowledge off the basic principles of photography.Take your photography to levels never thought possible! This is an opportunity to have fun, learn and share your knowledge with others who also have a passion for photography.

Click Journeys is to have fun and make friends in beautiful settings, concentrating on giving and receiving shared knowledge about controlling all of the settings on your camera, light, color, and composition.

Click Journeys specialized tours are designed for people like you who want to see, experience and photograph a world around them. You will travel to areas of amazing landscapes, interesting cultures, captivating people and fascinating wildlife.

Each trip is tailored individually to maximize both your enjoyment of the location visited and also your photographic experiences while there. We will be on hand to offer practical advice and assistance throughout the trip, ensuring you not only get the images you are after from your tour, but also that you come away with new knowledge and techniques to make you a better photographer for the future. You are guaranteed a quality experience with plenty of opportunity to discover your photographic talents, time to spend learning from our photographer, and also to enjoy the stories and experiences from others on the tour.

Contact - Shriya Patil - 09892144040